Bathroom Remodeling

Originality, craftsmanship, professionalism and integrity are all hallmarks of FELDMAN CONSTRUCTION bathroom renovation projects.
Our bathroom renovation projects start like all our projects…..with what you want.
Do you seek elegance and or utilitarian design in your bathroom fixtures? Is resale value of your home or your own family’s needs in your bathroom areas a higher priority?
Do you have an aging family member that needs special accommodations in the bathroom? Our design team will work to make sure every facet of your bathroom renovation meets your needs now and in the future.
Once we sit down to outline your objectives and hear timeline as well as budget, our
design team will work with you to flesh out all the nuances of your project. We will craft
your bathroom renovation to your specifications,
Bathroom projects can represent a sound investment in improving the look and resale value of your home.
FELDMAN CONSTRUCTION does honest and quality work that stands the test of time. It’s just how we do business.
Our teams of tradespeople deliver skilled work. You can rely on our expertise to assure quality execution in your bathroom renovation project.
We stand behind all our work and the quality craftsmanship of our hand-picked vendors.