Belmont flooring

Belmont flooring

Welcome to Feldman Construction, your trusted source for top-quality flooring services in the vibrant community of Belmont, CA. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your living spaces through our expert flooring solutions.

Belmont flooring

Belmont flooring

Felman Construction Your Trusted Flooring in Belmont CA

Why Choose Felman Construction

At Feldman Construction, we take immense pride in serving the Belmont area, as our roots run deep in this community. Our team of experts possesses the local knowledge needed to provide tailored solutions that perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Flooring Ideas

From timeless hardwood floors to cost-effective laminate and versatile vinyl flooring, we offer a diverse range of flooring solutions to suit your taste and budget.

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Our team comprises experienced professionals who excel in flooring installation and refinishing, ensuring every project is executed with precision and attention to detail.

Types of flooring materials

We source premium materials to ensure durability, longevity, and the utmost satisfaction for our clients. Our selection includes vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and engineered wood flooring.

Customized Designs

Your vision is our priority. We work closely with you to select the right flooring type, design, and finish that harmonizes with your unique style and your home’s aesthetics.

Our flooring Services

Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to versatile and cost-effective flooring solutions, vinyl is a top choice. Our range of vinyl flooring includes vinyl plank options, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and vinyl siding. We take pride in offering a wide variety of colors and styles to match your home’s decor. Our expert installers will guide you through the selection process and ensure a flawless installation, whether you’re upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space in your home.

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring strikes the perfect balance between affordability and style. It’s a popular choice for homeowners who desire the look of hardwood or natural stone without the high price tag. We offer an extensive selection of laminate options, featuring various textures and finishes. Our team of professionals will help you choose the best laminate flooring that complements your interior design and withstands the test of time.

Hardwood Floors

The timeless elegance of hardwood flooring remains a favorite among homeowners. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of solid hardwood or the versatility of engineered hardwood, we have the expertise to install and refinish your hardwood floors to perfection. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in delivering a finished product that enhances the beauty and value of your home. From classic oak to exotic species, we offer a diverse range of wood choices to suit your taste.

Concrete Flooring

For those seeking a contemporary and industrial look, concrete flooring is a remarkable choice. Whether you’re interested in polished concrete floors or concrete floor paint, we have the knowledge and skill to transform your space with this modern option. Our concrete flooring solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

Other Flooring Types: In addition to the aforementioned flooring options, we specialize in a variety of other flooring types to cater to your unique preferences. Our services encompass tile flooring, stained concrete floors, and more. We’re dedicated to helping you explore the wide array of flooring possibilities, so you can find the perfect match for your home or business.

Free estimate for your project

Ready to begin your flooring project in Belmont, CA? Get in touch with Feldman Construction today to schedule a consultation. Our friendly team is here to answer your questions and provide a free estimate for your project.

Making sure you have all the services you might need at your fingertips.


This collaborative session helps us gather crucial information and establish a clear understanding of your vision.


In the planning phase, we work closely with clients to translate their vision into a well-defined project plan. This involves detailed discussions, feasibility assessments, and budget considerations.

3D Modelling

Utilizing advanced 3D modeling technology, we create realistic visual representations of the proposed design. This enables clients to envision their future space with greater accuracy, allowing for better decision-making and refinement of design elements.

Floor plans

Our team develops comprehensive floor plans that outline the layout, dimensions, and spatial arrangements of the project. These detailed plans serve as a blueprint for construction, guiding the execution process and ensuring accurate implementation of the design.


We handle the intricate process of obtaining necessary permits and approvals required for the project. Our experienced team is well-versed in local regulations and building codes, ensuring compliance and adherence to legal requirements.

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