Roofing Companies Near Me in Redwood City CA

In the sunny city of Redwood, California, the Feldman Construction team embarked on a remarkable roofing project for a valued client, seeking to replace a Metal Roof with exquisite Tile Roofing. Our client had discovered us online, searching persistently for the best “roofing companies near me,” and we were thrilled to have been their top choice for this transformative endeavour.

Chapter 1:  Roof Type

Upon visiting the client’s property, we understood their desire for a roofing solution that not only added elegance to their home but also withstood the test of time. Exploring various options, we discussed the merits of asphalt shingles, green roofs, and concrete roof tiles, but our client’s heart was set on the timeless beauty of clay roof tiles. With their rustic charm and durability, clay tiles were the perfect fit for Redwood City’s warm climate.

4. Clay Tiles

Clay Tiles Roof

Chapter 2: Navigating through Options

With the decision to go for clay tiles, our next challenge was to source the best materials from “metal roofing to ensure a top-notch installation. We left no stone unturned, carefully evaluating various options like slate roof tiles, and concrete roof tiles, and even exploring the enticing idea of green roofs. Eventually, our pursuit led us to select premium clay roofing tiles that would complement the architecture and landscape of the client’s home, and we couldn’t have been more excited to share the news.

Chapter 3: Meticulous Planning

At Feldman Construction, we understand that exceptional results stem from meticulous planning. Before commencing the project, our team of experts engaged in detailed discussions with the client to map out every aspect, including the cost, timeline, and payment plans. Being among the “roofing companies near me,” our focus was not just on the craftsmanship but also on providing hassle-free and flexible payment options to make the experience smooth and convenient for the client.

Chapter 4: From Metal to Tile – The Transformation

The day of the transformation had finally arrived! Our skilled crew efficiently removed the old metal roof, keeping in mind environmentally-friendly practices and waste disposal. As the new clay tiles were laid, the client was thrilled to witness the metamorphosis unfold before their eyes. The vibrant red clay tiles brought an air of elegance to the property, seamlessly blending with the surroundings, and our clients knew they had made the right choice.

Chapter 5: Beyond Expectations

Completing the project was just the beginning of our commitment to excellence. We ensured thorough “roof cleaning” and inspection of the finished work, ensuring that every detail was flawless. At Feldman Construction, we take pride in going the extra mile to provide the best service among companies near me. Our client’s satisfaction was our ultimate reward.


In this case study, we witnessed how Feldman Construction turned the dream of a beautiful clay tile roof into a reality for our esteemed client in Redwood City, California. As one of the ” roofing companies near me” top searches we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism. The transformation from a metal roof to clay tiles not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the property but also strengthened its foundation for years to come.