Home Remodel

Remodeling your existing home into your dream home requires both vision and execution.
If the goal is to maintain the look of the existing home, while updating and reshaping to suit your needs, our renovation and remodeling will carefully maintain the style of what you have.
If your project is almost a complete rework of your existing home, we will guide you through the limitless possibilities to create your new spaces, structure, finishes and millwork so you will be happy in your home renovation for years to come.
Our first conversations will be about the ultimate vision for your home. We will embellish that vision by sharing ingenious possibilities that come from our more than 15 years of expertise in satisfying our remodeling clients.
From there, you will be delighted with the inspiration that comes from our team of designers and architects. Our remodel proposals will assure that structure, finishes, form and function work together to delight you for decades to come.
Yes, the practical realities of structural engineering requirements, building codes and building permit limitations can be complex. Rest assured that with our expertise your home remodel will be a flawless execution of your vision while adhering to the code requirements.
Once you sign off on the design directions that we have customized for you and the permitting process is complete, our teams of talented and diligent construction experts will make your home remodel a reality.
With Feldman Construction every step of the process can exceed your expectations.
The first step starts with our first conversation. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your vision for your remodel.